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About us


Aerosrtream works at the junction of of three-dimensional modeling, photo scanning, photography and video shooting using unmanned aerial vehicles of our own production and of leading commercial manufacturers. We do not just take photos or videos from the air, we make metric 3D models of buildings, structures, territories, quarries, facades and monuments.We develop survey technologies and web services for object monitoring . We use the latest achievements of photogrammetry, satellite geodesy, computer vision and 3D modelling. Our goal is the introduction of completely new methods of UAV data and accurate metric properties collection for any ground object.
Our technologies are used for remote building and structure examination, determining the exact boundaries and location of objects, capturing the state of architecture and monuments, periodic monitoring of construction. In addition, we perform artistic aerial video shooting and three-dimensional scanning for presentation or advertising purposes. In our work we use the technologies of the leading russian developer GC "Geoscan".


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195027, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 4A Degtyareva st., office 36a
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