Roadway monitoring, technical inspection bridges and overpasses

Collection of high resolution data for road monitoring,certification, and traffic management projects using unmanned aerial vehicles and mobile mapping. Detailed technical inspections of bridges, overpasses and other road structures.

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Scenario 1

Production of a map of roads and the surrounding area with the survey-grade accuracy using drones.

A high-precision base orthomosaic is formed for further infrastructure mapping, developing of a geodatabase and road network parameters acquisition.


up to a 100 km of roads per day with a single UAV

Data product

orthomosaic with all road infrastructure elements captured in high-detail


of spatial positioning of any object down to 10 cm

Паспортизация дорог

Scenario 2

Production of a high-resolution map of roads using ground-based mobile LiDAR scanning


Performance of 100-200 km per day with one car

Data product

dense LiDAR point cloud, covering everything within 150 m around the scanner


positioning of any object with down to 5-7 cm accuracy

Data in 3D

take the advantage of the 3D data representation


automatically extract positions of target objects like road signs, light poles, etc.

Vegetation is not a hindrance

the scanner can pick up the objects even they are obscured by the vegetation


to make the subsequent vectorization more convenient, we create a point cloud based orthomosaic of the road and adjacent territory

Mobile scanning system AGM-MS2.200

  • Inertial system AGM PS M30
  • Velodyne VLP 32 scanning system: Scanning frequency 600kHz, Maximum range 200 m, field of view 360° degrees, scanning mirror rotation speed 20 rps
  • 2-frequency multi-system GNSS 20 Hz

Point cloud density

  • 5000 points per square meter on the road surface at a speed of 20 km/h
  • 500 points per square meter on the road surface at a speed of 70 km/h


  • road scanning for inventory and certification
  • scanning for topographic plan production
  • mapping the areas where UAV flights are forbidden or impossible


Road and traffic organization scheme

 based on the results of UAV surveying and/or ground based mobile LiDAR scanning

Technical passport

of a road designed based on the results of UAV surveying and/or ground based mobile LiDAR scanning

Technical inspection of bridges and overpasses

  • Ground-based and aerial photogrammetric survey
  • Ground-based LiDAR scanning (optional)
  • Accurate georeferencing
  • Photogrammetric data processing and 3D model reconstruction
  • High-resolution orthomosaic production
  • Damage mapping and as-built drawings design


Orthomosaic of any surface with a resolution of 1-2 mm per pixel

As-built drawings and damage maps

Паспортизация дорог
Паспортизация дорог

Overpass 3D model