Regular construction site monitoring and online service change tracking

1. Capturing aerial 360 degree panoramas from predefined points with a specified periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and panorama stitching.
2. Online data publishing at the web service for viewing and comparing panoramas for particular dates.

The technology is designed specifically for construction dynamics monitoring and overall object control by comparing panoramas for the selected dates. Panning and zooming is synced on each pair of panoramas.

 How it works. An example of Zenit Arena construction site monitoring.

Construction objects 3D modelling

— Obtaining an orthophoto, height map, XYZ marks
— Excavation and pile volume measurement
— Calculation and control of volumes at the foundation stage

— Getting a photorealistic BIM object model

— As-built measurements
— Project/reality comparison
— Construction dynamics by comparing 3D models

Orthophoto and DEM

Allow getting actual elevation, overlaying project documentation and comparing reality with the project.