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Data processing

Geodetic and photogrammetric processing of aerial imagery.

Topography and Cadastre

Orthophotomaps and digital terrain models for engineering and surveying, cadastral works.

Road inspection

Acquisition of spatial data for road monitoring and certification, traffic management and restoration projects.

Aerial laser scanning

High quality DEM and terrain modeling even in forested areas. Detailed capturing of any objects.

3D for movies, games and museums

Photorealistic high-res 3D-models of the exteriors and interiors for computer graphics.

Facade and architectural survey

Orthophotos of facades and roofs with centimeter-grade accuracy for blueprints production and defect detection.

 Power lines inspection

Power line state assessment, current power line characteristics acquisition, the state of forestation assessment.

 Quarry monitoring

Volume control and change detection service for open mines and quarries. Work monitoring, excavation and pile volumes calculation.

Construction monitoring

Recurring progress monitoring, dynamics tracking and object control. Interactive panoramas for site state comparison on different dates.