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Our pilot and survey.

Need an engineering survey? or a topographical plan? or a 3D city model? Aerial surveying will make your work so much easier.

Take advantage of our skilled pilots and professional equipment to finish the your project faster than ever.

Rent starts at 25,000 rubles per day and is calculated individually for each request.

Why choose us?

An established team of experienced professionals ready for any kind of aerial and ground based surveys. A fleet of industrial grade fixed wing and quadcopter UAVs from Geoscan, DJI and Fixar. More than 7 years of experience.

Rent a UAV with a designated pilot and get the job done following all your requirements. As a result you get all the data needed for processing and final product production.

You can rent our UAVs with a pilot, for the following types of work:

areal objects survey with a fixed wing UAV (dual-frequency geodetic receiver, full-frame camera) up to 30 km sq per day with one UAV. Scales 1:500 -1:2000

linear objects survey with a fixed wing UAV (dual-frequency geodetic receiver, full-frame camera) up to 100 km per day with one UAV. Scales 1:500 -1:2000

small areal (up to 4 km sq) or linear (up to 30 km) object survey with a quadcopter. Scales 1:500-1:2000

survey for 3D modeling. Image capturing in a special way for production of accurate 3D models of the cities

detailed UAV and ground based survey for engineering, high-quality detailed 3D models for measurements, restoration, filmmaking, etc.

The work includes:

The work includes:

  • Obtaining permits for airspace use 
  • Installation of ground control points (GCPs) 
  • UAV survey
  • Survey results delivery

Optional. Processing of GNSS measurements, image center coordinates calculation, verification of results with control points

Optional Photogrammetric processing - production of orthophoto, digital surface model, digital terrain model (under certain conditions), 3D terrain model, point cloud

Optional Importing data into AutoCAD or other software


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